Selina Turfan


It is in the body we have to find freedom first. Our bodies are powerful vehicles to connect to our strength, passions, potential and the gifts we came here to realize. Finding and reclaiming this freedom in our body is the start to live a life that is awake and in tune with ourselves .

Hello dear friend. I am happy you are here. I am a Yoga Teacher based in Berlin. Find out more about me, my work and offerings here. 

For class requests, individual sessions and booking send a message to

In my classes and sessions I offer a blend of Modern Yoga, Somatics, Movement and Trauma Informed Yoga a fusion of the work, research and international trainings I have done over the past years. I offer a unique class experience that goes beyond movement encouraging students to find their individual strength and  power in their bodies and expression through movement. 

Over the last years I have successfully supported students and clients in finding freedom, strength and wellbeing through movement. It is my mission and honor to support people realising their unique potential to find their embodiment of self in the world which is the road to a life that feels good.