about selina


Freedom and awakening can be only found in the body. Reconnecting with our bodies nature enables us to reconnect with our own strength, energy and passion which leads to more ease in life. It takes knowing and understanding our bodies to fully know ourselves.

Movement is my passion and my way to figure life out. I am amazed by the various ways our body can move and express itself. We can move for joy, move to be with the sentiments and also move in order to heal and integrate. Building a trustful strong relationship with our bodies to me is essential to navigate happily through the world and having a grounded sense of self. Finding freedom and liberation.


Over the last years I've researched many practices alongside yoga to understand the body in its depth better and how we can move from the inside out, which has led me to the world of Somatics, Movement and Dance meeting amazing mentors, teachers, collagues, friends from all over the world along this way who have inspired the work I do.

My curiosity for understanding why we move a certain why and how we can change movement patterns navigating towards freedom and well being inspires me to constantly evolve and keep my own practice and teachings fresh and up to date. Which has shaped my teaching into a modern approach to Yoga blending Yoga, Somatic and Movement to go beyond the mind into the body and its initiate wisdom.


Inspired by my own journey and start into yoga, back in the days when I was struggling dealing with the pain and grief of having lost my parents, my practice, teaching and research is all about finding ways to share my experiences and learnings. I am passionate about supporting others into improving their health and wellbeing and realising their full potential.



My inspirations

Over the last years I have followed my passion and curiosity for movement and its ability to increase our well being as well as our ability to heal, studying different forms of movement and finding new teachers and mentors along  this way. However the most impactful have been Lisa Andersson Rhodiner and Elin Jensen Founders of True North Vinyasa, Daniel Sonic Rojas Founder of Alliyana Movement (former Embodied Dance Movement),  Florencia Lamarca Founder of Fluentbody and the Fluentbody Academy, Atira Tan, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and Somatic Experiencing Therapist, Patrick Beach, Founder of Awakening Yoga and Tara Judelle, Founder of Embodied Flow.