Beyond movement fall workshops

08.10.2023: Movement Yoga Münster, 18.00 - 20.00
28.09.2023: Vea STUDIOS Berlin, 17.00 - 19.00

About the workshop

Shorts: A workshop for Yogis and Movers for everyone seeking to find freedom in their movements and body. We will fusion modern approaches of Movement, Yoga and Somatics. You will learn how to improve your movement quality, move more in tune with your own energy level and how to make your practice yours. So you leave boosted with new energy, get your stamina up and most of all get some good vibes in!

Details: We will dive into the Art of Yielding as a Concept of Moving. You will learn how to create flow and circulation in your body and move with more ease through movements that feel challenging.
We will as well have a look a the spine. As our centerline the spine is responsible for almost all the movements the body is doing. Her snakelike ability to move makes it much easier to understand movement mechanics in the body. Talking Yoga that is especially important when we move through twists, folding up and down as well as staying graceful and smooth in stronger positions like planks or downdogs. A moveable soft and strong spine makes almost everything easier. 

Workshop highlights/takeaways

- Learn the techniques and movements that will improve your yoga practice  

- Learn how to move with more freedom and ease through challenging poses

- Learn how to build up your stamina and energy so you can move with fun through the flow of a class 

- Learn how to play your strength and softness in a balanced way: injuryfree, energysufficient, sustainable

- Improve your overall bodyawareness

Your investment:

- 2 hrs of Education 40€





Send me an email for requests: 

*The workshop will include an Asana part as well as Free Movement exploration. It is recommended to have a year of movement experience in the field of yoga or other forms of movement. Come with an open mind and curiosity leave inspired and with peace in your being.

*Teaching language is english, german translation can be provided.



Movement Yoga Münster

by Anton Kapralow

Gremmendorfer Weg 7

48167 Münster


Vea STUDIOS Berlin

Naunynstraße 38

Berlin - Kreuzberg