coming soon: 6 week immersion - beyond movement

6 week immersion - beyond movement

Date:  June 15th - July 20th, 2023. Thursdays 20.00 

Location: Praxis Köpi, Berlin

A 6 week container of exploration, that goes beyond movement right under your skin. Reconnecting with your self, Reawaken parts of your body that fell asleep, finding freedom in your body, reconnecting with your desires. Bringing you back online.

about the immersion:

Each class will offer new concepts of movement that include Yoga,

Somatic Work and (Free) Movement serving as ways to meet the self, finding new ways of moving and being in the world.


This Immersion includes 6 sessions à 90 minutes in a small group setting. 


15.06. Introduction into the Art of Yielding

Learning the Art of Yielding as a way to create flow and circulation in the

body honouring the organic ever pulsating nature we are designed in.

Yielding allows us to keep our integrity while we go into relationship with

the outside and is essential in order to move well. Maintaining yield, we

stay graceful and present while meeting what is. The opposite would be to

harden and tense or to collapse and give up. Learning to yield will bring a

lot of ease into our practice so we can navigate easier from moment to



22.6. Moving from Skin

Skin is the place where the self and the world are meeting – our physical

boundary, yet permeable. As skin is the organ carrying us through space, a

lot of energy, force and vitality comes from it. Therefore we can tap into

ease and joy while moving.


29.06. Find your feet – find your strength

Feet as connection point of body and world meeting. Feeling safe and

anchored in our bodies starts with feeling our feet. As humans thats the

place we touch ground from. As our feet are carrying our bodies they are

giving important information and impulses to the rest of our structure.


06.07. Reawaken your Spine

Having a juicy soft spine means having a moveable body as our spine is

the center line of our bodies. A lot of energy is gained by creating freedom

in the spine. Freeing the Spine and moving it in a lot of different ways is a

big factor in creating movement variety as all our limbs are attached to our



13.07. Soft is sexy – Strong is sexy

Learning how to soften is as important as learning to connect to ones

strength. Mastering softness and strength will widen our range. Marrying

those two qualities makes great graceful movement happening. Yet we

decide how much we lean into one of these on every day differently. This

way we also learn where our boundaries are and how we can move beyond

our comfort zone without injury.


20.07. Embodying you

A final class to keep pouring yourself into what you do, sparking passion

freedom and aliveness from the inside out. Anchoring the deeper sense of

self in order to embody it in the world.

What you get:


- 6 Sessions in a small group setting that ensures individual support and feedback

-opportunity to book private sessions during this time with me 


Your investment:


Choose your payment option:


- 100€  Full Immersion (Supporter)

-   80€  Full Immersion (Regular)

-   70€  Full Immersion (Low Income)


Drop in:


-   15€



USC available






Space is limited to ensure best quality due to the intimate set up of this format.


 Send me an email for requests: hello@selina-turfan.com. 

Our Location:
Praxis Köpi
Köpenickerstr. 175
10997 Berlin