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about the sessions

 I offer private sessions for individual support blending yoga, somatic practices and movement that are for everyone longing to feel better in their bodies. No matter if you feel disconnected from your body, you want to move in a more embodied way or you have a busy life due to parenthood, a busy job that is not allowing to take the space you need. Our well-being starts in the body in feeling well in our own skin. That's were energy and aliveness is coming from.


The range of the session is deeply personal. Depending on the individual needs that can look like creating an efficient practice routine to build up strength, energy and mobility, to find more freedom in your body, change movement patterns through new ones, support the body in finding more ease and flow or also establishing a more grounded embodied sense of self through inquiry and movement.


Understanding the body-mind connection better allows to take action, make changes in areas where we are holding back, wish to change or to be more ourselves.  I hold space for the uniqueness of every individual that our humanness brings. Therefore we tailor our time to your individual needs.



I offer single session as well as session packages with online and in person option.


In person sessions can take place in the fully equipped Eden Studio in Mitte or in your home environment


Single sessions are 60 minutes 


- Price per sessions is 80€

- For in person sessions there will be an additional fee due to rental and travel cost

- Studio Session: 110€

- Home: 95€

To book in a session or if you have a request please send a mail to

what others say

I truly thank Selina for the wonderful experience I had with her. During our  5 week coaching we met twice via Zoom. Even though we were physically miles apart, Selina managed to create a deep connection that made me feel very comfortable and close to her. She has an incredible sense for what my body needed each day and structured the lessons accordingly to my needs. Through my personal coaching with Selina I learned how to listen to my body more and adapt my self practice accordingly. I even mastered some new asanas that I always wanted to learn. Selinas Coaching often helped me go from my mind into my body, holding space for myself. I am deeply thankful for my experience and very much recommend her.

- Marlene, Master Student Education -

Die 1 zu 1 Begleitung und Selinas Ansatz individuelle und ehrliche Bewegungen für meinen Körper zu finden sind sehr wertvoll. Ich bin verspannt gekommen und gelöst gegangen, Ich habe im Coaching gelernt wie wichtig mir mein Körper ist und wie heilsam diese Verbundenheit sein kann.

- Arno, Musician, Nurse -

 Selina hat die Fähigkeit, dir einen Raum aufzumachen, der nur für dich da ist. Alles andere darf sein aber du bist der Fokus. Sie schafft Sicherheit, geht behutsam auf deine Bedürfnisse ein und führt dich mit ihrer sanften und dabei starken Stimme auf einen Weg zu dir selbst. Sie hat mir die Tore zu innerer Stärke und Veränderung geöffnet, mich dabei mit ihrer wohltuenden Präsenz begleitet und mich stets mit Kraft, Anerkennung und tiefer Entspannung gehen lassen. I freakin love this woman.

- Sophie, Bachelor Student Nutritional Science -

Die harmonisch entspannte Wohlfühl Atmosphäre die Selina geschaffen hat, ihre Offenheit für jegliche Art von Fragen sowie ihre liebevollen Hinweise wie ich noch mehr in eine Übung rein gehen kann haben mir am Coaching besonders gut gefallen. 

- Aline, Graphic Designer -