teaching philosophy

Getting to know your body means getting to know yourself. Movement has much more to offer than its physicality, it is a doorway to understand how powerful our bodies are.

Over the last years I have researched many practices of yoga, movement, dance and somatic practices trying to find a way to move that allows to show up authentically with were I am at in life and with my body and that brings me long-term joy, energy and wellbeing. Therefore I have laid a foundation of a modern approach to yoga blended with movement and somatic practices to help students exploring and improving their own embodiment. To encourage everyone I work with to move in a way that serves them long term.


I love what a teacher of mine said - your fitness program is not for your entertainment its for your wellbeing.  While the physical component is part of the practice creating a deeper understanding of ones body and self is as important to me. Finding out why we move certain ways and support the body in finding its optimal way to move aiming to find freedom, ease and flow. 


Aiming to create a balanced practice practice for my students that improves wellbeing, increases strength, energy, resiliency and joy things in class can get sweaty and challenging sometimes. But all of the struggles are there for building resiliency and strength and learning to find a way to move through with ease as these are necessary qualities for every movement practice and life. Moving is about balance to me about teaching the body to stay adaptable in the softer moves as much as in the strong ones.


No matter what life hits you with, if you process it and you move through it and you include your physical self its incredible powerful to who you are. In our physical practice we show up and hold space for ourselves. I am aiming to support the individual as much as the group mind to step into their own embodiment, finding authentic expression in their movement.

Moving in a way that is joyful authentic to who you are and sustainable is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. Finding authentic expression through movement and understanding the body-mind connection is a key stone for a life that feels good.